I can understand the attraction of analog photographic technology tools; it's far more exciting to see an image 'come up' in a developer tray than it is to see one come off an inkjet printer.

Digital photography is simply another set of technology tools that can be used to achieve the same end results as analog photographic technology.

If you are a 'photographer', you should be free to choose the tool set that best lets you achieve your photographic vision and from reading the posts on this Forum for some time, it appears that many (most?) of of participants in the Forums do just that - choose the tools that meet their needs - mixing and matching where necessary.

What I can't understand is why there are a few individuals here who feel compelled to make derogatory comments about the digital tools and users. The digital tools require the same vision and skills as analog tools. Yes, programs like PS have an 'auto correct' button, but traditional analog printing machines (both B&W and color) had the equivalent when making images for the masses. People with a strong interest in photography didn't use the auto adjustments then anymore than knowledgeable PS users use the 'auto correction' button now.

If the object of a forum is to show a users skills in traditional photographic printing, because a scan of a print may - or may not - actually match the print, there should be NO scanned images of any kind in forum galleries; mailing actual prints to participants is the only way to show such skills (and I know some of you here do just that).