Hello -
I'm in the process of moving, and don't think I'll have room for my panoramic enlarger. The enlarger was built several years ago by a Mr. Carnihan, a NASA engineer, and consists of three parts. The enlarger itself is a Durst multigraph in excellent condition. it is presently wall mounted, but does have a baseboard. The lens on the enlarger is an Apo el nikkor 105mm, which does a beautiful job of enlarging 120 and 35mm film negatives. The negative holder is a long contraption that moves the negative across the light path at various speeds equivalent to the exposure speed required. the base is a very heavy easel that moves the paper in the opposite direction as the negative.
The entire operation is extremely robust and precise, so much so that one can follow a single piece of film grain as it traverses the negative holder and exposes the paper below. In fact, this is how one calibrates the system, and assures that the paper is moving exactly parallel to the negative. it is very easy to operate, and can produce prints 30 inches in width and 1000 inches long or more.
I really don't know what the interest might be for such a contraption, so I can't easily set a price. If you're interested, or would like to see some photos, feel free to contact me by E-mail...
Best of all - Ed