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Am located in Northern Virginia and am trying to locate a reputable person/business to clean/tune-up repair a Nikon F2AS that has been sitting unused for about ten years.
Would prefer NoVa, Maryland, DC locations but would consider others to ship to? Any recommendations? I don't think it needs extensive repairs but rather cleaning in and out, foam replaced, lubrication and I'd like to get the shutter speeds checked etc...

Thanks, 1918stella
Since you're willing to send it somewhere, why not send it to the Nikon F2 guru?


Your camera will return in better than new condition. I plan to send mine to him sometime within the next 12 months. I've already had the meter overhauled with a part that he makes. A heavy duty ring resistor, so I will never have to deal with a twitchy meter readout on my DP-12 finder again.