Slow, methodical and precise, and all my images show this. The definitive moment is always elusive, and all photographers will say they have captured it, but it is very difficult to define it; I like to view the process as but a fleeting moment in time reflecting deliberation and understanding of the subject, and this has always been my approach, I really don't know any other way. This all goes to say I'm a bit slow and contemplative and probably not suited to LF where I'd probably be slower contemplating the scene "forever", by which time the scene has changed completely or it's time to leave! In my student days I was pretty naive to think running around with an expensive camera turned to full-auto (or "P" for Professioinal) and snapping anything that moved or looked attractive equalled a beautiful photograph. Not so, at all! I have so many images on the lightbox, queued for printing or waiting framing that now every day is a challenge selecting just what gets done next.