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I'm still waiting for Stone's entry. I dreamt about it last night, and can still see the photo my sub-conscious ascribed to him. C'mon Stone! Am I psychic?
*sigh* I've had a lot of work the past 10 days, before that I had none = poor, I was waiting for checks to bring the E-6 roll of color IR to the lab, sadly I just got the checks, while leaving to spend the weekend with my GF and won't be home till Monday night.

I did shoot a B&W shot but had to develop family 4x5's today and couldn't get to the roll of 127 EFKE 100 I shoot at noon

I don't have any E-6 developer or I could do that on Tuesday with the B&W roll. The color IR is the one I wanted to submit :/

I'll just submit this for the heck of it, but it just happened to be shot at noon under a shaded tree, the other day, it wasn't intended as a submission...

FOMA100 4x5 in Rodinal 11 minutes (because I forgot to compensate for bellows extension so I pushed it. On my toyo 45a and 150mm f/5.6 Schneider lens. Slight lens shift to line up beard, glasses, and eyes.


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