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Why is that so? And how does it relate to the perceived comparison, "quality wise" between a Rolleiflex and a Hasselblad 500c (or any other Hasselblad)?
In skilled, well experienced hands any camera from a pinhole to a top-drawer Hasselblad, will deliver the results the photographer envisioned. They are, after all, only tools.
With a deep humbleness, I can certify you that I do make any camera sing. My question was really about sharpness and the quality of the lenses, if there was a definitive answer in regards to their quality (Xenotar VS. Planar comes to mind with die-hards in each camp, I noticed).

After having read the entire conversation, I tend to prefer the Rolleiflex for its compactness and its general ease of use versus a more Clunky Mirror-slapping Hasselblad...