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While I'm actively pursuing my 500C/M setup, questions regarding filters suddenly surfaced in my cranium. Accordingly, I'm looking for a continuation of the sage counsel given thus far.

As I intend to shoot black and white film exclusively, I wondered what filters are recommended?

Does Hasselblad have a unique method of attaching filters?

Again, thanks in advance for the help.
Yes, Hasselblad has a proprietary filter attachment system. The old C lenses use Bay 50 filters (a very hard size to find, and the bay 50 - ??mm filter adapters are hard to come by as well). The CF lenses take a Bayonet 60, which you can get a Bayonet 60-67mm adapter ring for, and the filters still fit on the front of the lenses without interfering with accessories like lens shades. For B/W shooting, typical filters would be yellow, orange, green and red. I'd start with just yellow and orange until you get comfortable with what they do, then look into the green and red filters as they require more compensation, and generally produce more dramatic effects that may or may not be what you wanted to get.