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I don't think myth will ever produce a cult following, the product has to be really good. And, the OM's are really good.
I have 2 of them, and a Canon AE-1, and a Konica Autoreflex and 2 Pentaxes, and the OM's do 90% of the shooting. The lenses are compact, high quality and almost all use the same filter size. I can carry 2 bodies and 2 lenses all day and not get shoulder sag.
Olympus just plain got it right.
What a pity that they have gone down the pan since.

However for me it was the Pentax Spotmatic series. The popular advert at the time for them was:- 'Just hold a Pentax'. It was just right, a bit bigger than the Olympus which suited me because they were just a bit small for my hands. I tried an OM1n and an OM2n and then went back to Pentax but with a Model KX which was even more perfect. Try and find a decent KX these days it is a bit like looking for Rocking Horse droppings.