OP, Vilk, opinions about the OM system differ. And we're not all equally exacting.

Back when, one of my friends sold his Nikon system (F2 and many Nikkors) and replaced it with an OM (sorry, don't recall which one) and comparable Olympus lenses. Not long afterwards he sold his Oly gear and replaced his Nikon kit. He liked the OM's size and lightness, found that his Olympus lenses weren't up to the Nikkors he'd had.

Re Olympus history and all that, the Pen FT's metering system was not user friendly. It was TTL, stop down IIRC. The meter needle pointed to a number (1 to 7), after that one had to take the camera down from the eye and set the camera's aperture scale to that number. And then one could shoot. Not a good way to work.

Oly's first 24x36 cameras were larger heavier Spotmatic clones with, like the Spotmatic, stop-down metering. When new they were seen as low second tier or high third tier cameras. The better grades of OM were seen, when new, as much superior to their predecessors.