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hi nedL
i agree with you and i disagree with you at the same time.
i think at a certain point 2 images made with different methods
and printed the same way tend to look the same ..
Hi John!

I suspect we are close to complete agreement. It's hard to even hint at a "d vs. a" topic in a single sentence and give enough details. It's hardly surprising my silver prints lose a lot when I scan them and then view on a computer screen. Viewing inkjet b/w prints in a gallery, I often feel like they are missing something in a similar less extreme way. But I would not be surprised if a silver print made from a digital negative could get most or all of that back, and I might feel that an inkjet print made from a film negative was "missing a certain something" too. It comes down to saying that different ways of printing look different, which isn't exactly profound.

Ralph will probably become an superb digital printer... and what will be interesting is not if they are the same ( they can't be ) but if he gets the same amount of satisfaction and is a happy and content with his results. That will be interesting to hear. Maybe he will say they are so different they can't be compared, or maybe he will like one or the other better for reasons that only matter to himself. Still interesting.

I use a chemex, and usually let the beans rest about a day and a half before drinking for the next 3 days. After about 4 days - depending on type of coffee - there is a drop-off in flavor and by 5 or 6 it's usually not as good. Do I love my home-roasted coffee a little too much? Probably. Although quite a few of my friends have said it's the "best" they've ever tasted, so I'm not totally delusional! We might get a little that way with our photography too!