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sure. but when we start talkin' cult, we should be--cults are, you're this (never that) or bust

the nikon cult is much a taurus thing, does the job, bug off. (and they know it)

olympus is kinda gemini--flair, but show me the money

Pardon my ignorance, what is a Gemini? Do you mean the second-rate Isuzu thingy? I never thought they had much flair, even the version breathed on by Lotus.

Nikon cult? I wasn't aware of one. All of the Nikon users I know take the position that their equipment works as expected, is usually long-lived, and what more could one want? They're not at all like the Leicanuts, who seem to believe that the best defense is a strong offense. And they can be offensive. OM cultists are much more polite. I suppose that a true Leicanut would say that an OM cultist has much to be polite about.

I don't think that Ford, at least in the US, has ever made a car in the Nikon class. Honda Accord, even more the Prelude, is probably a better parallel. Competent, reliable.