1. PE do you know anything about problems regarding Kodak B/W emulsions during the first Iraq War 1991. I recently met a photographer/photojournalist who moved to Ilford and Fuji from Kodak and claimed that it was because of emulsion problems and that european photographers received subpar films because of Kodak's military contracts this was not the first photojournalist I've met who told me this story. I don't really believe that it's true but after hearing it more than once I've wanted to check if there was some truth to it.

2. I honestly doubt that Agfa was any less diligent than Kodak regarding Q.C.(also a military contractor, leading manufacturer of medical films etc...) furthermore many photographers I know favoured Agfa film because it had the best color fidelity (natural colors) and consistency. Agfapan was also know for it's superior tonal (not color) reproduction especially in the midtones.

Kodak films are superb and I love using them but they weren't that superior to other manufacturers.