Well, German literature lists Potassium as Kalium and Iodide is spelled with a J and thus KI is KJ in German formulas. This caused quite a "discussion" here on APUG a few years ago when one person insisted that Agfa did not use Potassium Iodide simply because he thought KJ was a "secret ingredient". But yes, I mentioned that the European film industry preferred to use Potassium salts in emulsion making.

As for Keeping or quality, I don't know of any segregation of product or orders. I do know that the military used coolers or freezers for keeping film in the tropical climate of areas near the equator. Photojournalists had no such luxury AFAIK. I heard no complaints at that time, and believe me that a widespread complaint such as this would have made news in every magazine and in every newspaper in this area.

As for Agfa films, I have used a lot of them and have run comparative tests since the '60s up until rather recently (Agfa 1000 color neg), and I found them to be quite inferior to Fuji in color and raw stock keeping. I could not even keep the 1000 speed film stable in a freezer for much longer than the actual expiration date. The earlier films were much better than the later films IMHO.