One of the interesting things about the emulsion discussions on APUG, interesting to me anyway, is how they illuminate two distinct, and distinctly different, approaches.
One is what I think of as the engineering approach. Calling the other the artistic approach is too glib, and a little dismissive, but useful enough that I'll go ahead and do it, hoping readers understand that I mean no disrespect.
People who are deeply committed to one approach or the other sometimes find themselves offended when their assumptions are challenged. To tell an engineer that all his/her hoo-rah and foo-fraw is unnecessary, or to tell artists that they're not being careful enough, is about something other than emulsion-making, it's about how to live and get things done, and it's a rubbing that can create sparks.
There are accomplished people here working from both viewpoints, whom I learn a lot from, and I appreciate it when they share with me. I expect to be making my first emulsion in a few weeks. I don't happen to believe that my artistic vision is so good that I should publish or display my photographs, and I will never be an engineer, but I will be making use of both kinds of experience. I will share what I learn.
Everybody who posts here has my thanks.