This thread is rather skewed by the fact that some companies tailored emulsions for specific markets.

Kodachrome was far more dominant in the US than the rest of the world mainly because it could be processed relatively locally so was a practical fast option, for a fast turn-around it was useless in the rest of the world as it had to go to one of a few Kodak labs outside the US by post for processing. Towards the end Kodak tried Pro drop off points offering fast service but it was far too late.

So in the UK Kodachrome wasn't an option when a fast turnaround was needed, but Fujichrome 50D or 100D (and the E4 films before that) were. I worked alongside one of the top industrial/commercial photographers on the UK (actually I was his landlord and our darkrooms were in the same building) and I saw how consistent his Fuji results were and his frustration with Kodak Ektachrome films and that mirrored my own experiences. It was why Fuji gained such a strong position in the European market.

In the US Fuji launched an E6 film that bombed aimed at the US market we never saw it in Europe, but then Kodak made products in Europe never seen in the US. However Fuji quicly broke into a US market that had been virtually 100% Kodak's, Ansco was never a threat, and they did that on price and Quality. Kodak were so complacent they let Fuji sponsor the Olympics.

What's more important is we still have good high quality film & paper manufacturers around, it's also important that former & current employees don't use APUG as a sounding board to over-hype themselves and the companies they are or were associated with.