Just spotted this on the website of my local lab, there's also more info on the PMA site.

Basically, it's a campaign along the lines of a lot of threads I read around here, prints last and digital doesn't.
(well, to be fair, digital can last, but you gotta know what you're doing and update/backup/etc regularly. Prints can last by doing nothing more than being stored in an attic for 100 years and being not burned down).

but there's one thing about this campaign that piqued my interest:
We are currently creating more photographs than ever, and the value of any one image is very low... Just making prints will not help. We will be inundated with forests worth of prints... And because the [old silver-based] prints cost money, only a few were printed, only the most important images have survived. This is now an urgent situation. We are facing a catastrophic loss of our social history.
So they're saying that in order to save our history, we should print (I know they're selling archival-quality inkjet whereas most readers here would prefer 'wet', but the sentiment is the same).
But we shouldn't just print everything, there's just too many photos taken these days.
In the olden days, people only printed a few photos because of the price (I know it wasn't unheard of for people to save for a year to pay for one portrait session on the daguerrotype).
So the shop, by charging more, are actually helping us to cut down and only print those special few* that we can afford, and because we spent more on it we're going to take care of it better.
Can't argue with that.

Unfortunately you need a PMA membership to download the full sized campaign posters, but I do love these images:

(*except when those who can afford it just print out hundreds of archival-quality lolcats shots. If there are humans around in a hundred years they're going to think we were all a bit nuts. I can just imagine some future archaeologists: "they were destroying their planet and knew about it, but they didn't try stop it. They seemed to be obsessed with cats, was there an epidemic of some contagious mental illness like siphylus going around at the time?")