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Me too! Ever since Polyglot mentioned this assignment would be good for IR, I've been wondering about it. I've never shot IR so I don't know why noon would be good. I'm really curious now, and I want to know if some of the neat-looking IR photos I've seen were shot at mid-day.
It works well because there's plenty of light (IR films tend not to be very sensitive, I shoot IR820 at EI1 = f/16 1s in full sun including the R72 filter) and for some reason you don't seem to get the horrible starkness of shadow that you do with shorter wavelengths, so it's not as bad for downsides at noon as a normal film. Obviously it can work really well with evening light too, but that's harder to estimate exposure for.

Some examples shot around noon, not in-month: new growth, private bay, big lake (only a week early!), lake near Peggy's Cove (again), cabot trail, Terelj, Terelj Fence, moonscape.

And in evening light, showing that that's good too, but not dramatically better than at noon. So if you're wandering around in the noonday heat thinking "damn this light sucks, what a waste of my travel", bust out the IR film.