Heh, I thought someone might post that from the Atkins newsletter. A Fuji campaign to get people to print (and therefore use lots of Crystal Archive ) is at the root of it.

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(*except when those who can afford it just print out hundreds of archival-quality lolcats shots. If there are humans around in a hundred years they're going to think we were all a bit nuts. I can just imagine some future archaeologists: "they were destroying their planet and knew about it, but they didn't try stop it. They seemed to be obsessed with cats, was there an epidemic of some contagious mental illness like siphylus going around at the time?")
Oh yes, and worse than you probably imagined: Toxoplasma gondii not only causes rats to lose their fear of cats, it seems to cause risk-taking behaviour in humans. While it's not quite as dramatic a mind-control parasite as Ophiocordyceps, don't be under any misapprehensions as to our feline overlords.