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Interesting stuff from a lab. I don't use local labs for cheapie prints because they are digital-centric and frown on the notion of film photographers. But my own prints at pro-level cost anything from $66 to $300 (then add framing cost). The best must, must, must be printed, no exception. They'll be around for a long, long time, much longer than the troves of data masquerading as "photographs" on millions of PCs. None of my early digi pics from around 2001 on CDs are readable now. Not that I care (I remember I kind of looked embarrassingly younger then...)
I remain unmoved by overtures in digital that it has any degree of permanency because warnings were made many decades ago. But you can't tell today's generation of know-it-alls! Are their photographs ever going to be printed? Ever...?
Thankfully here, in Europe, there are many labs that work both with film and digital. In my city there is even a B&W+inkjet specialist.
I found an online photofinisher that does 75 free 4x6" prints, all the time, so I pay just shipping. They make the profits with all the more "gimmicky" stuff, as photobooks, albums, calendar and photo gifts. Meanwhile, I've printed just about all the snaps I have worthy for printing. Given some prints of friends to them. They like it.
And got printed some scans and files to Fuji Pearl paper (metallic), ironically, half of them were shot with kodachrome, so probably the original will outlast the print.
My dad loves his picture with a forest backdrop I took 3 years ago.

A rather overlooked feature that fuji minilabs have (at least both of the photofinishers above) is that they an print the name of the file at the back but all labs I know don't advertise it. Makes for perfect captions. Such as date+location.

Our current generation (I am 18) doesn't mind printing. An acquittance told me last summer "it's expensive, I just put them on Facebook and there it goes"... That triggered my interest in printing... Is it really that expensive? Perhaps but on smaller big sizes (A4/8x10) and for the worthy stuff, IMO, not.
Anyways, most of the cameraphones are ideous for prints. I suppose the high end smartphones are fine up to 5x7" on good light however.

I once lost two different folders of photos. One was of a school event and I got upset. Another would deem to be important as one of the persons (family friend) snapped would die at a young age (40s)... And we had almost no more pictures of her!