Boy this hit home.. Last week my Seagate 1 TB HD went belly up. Nearly had an heart attack. I work a phot lab at a AF base. My boss is a tech savy guy and he offered to stick the HD in a toaster device. After using a technique by using enersia, we got the plates to read and drop the digital images and other thing of importance on his computer and then tranfered them on a MAC My Passport Hd drive. It was scary..Before that, I call Disk Saver in San Fran in California and they qouted me a min of $750.00 to retrieve data. I dodged a bullet. I guess the closes thing to archival is photographic negitives. Unless they fall victim to water or fire. I was thinking..? How many layer of back up do you need? It seem infinant!! So yhea.. print your better things and go back to acid free photo Albums.