Oh the irony.

Last night I went to dev the two B+W (9x12 apx100) shots I did on the weekend, in my 3-reel paterson and Mod54.
I've heard some stories about people using these too violently and the film slipping out.
So I was so careful, did a Rodinal 1hr semi-stand, no inversions just the occasional roll along the benchtop, same for the stop and the fixer. (I know they were fine after the fixer cos I took a peep before washing, still in place in the holder)
But then I was washing, and was too violent, the film slipped out of the holder, and with rolling it along the bench the Mod54 rolled around inside and put a nice big scratch along both (of course, 1/3rd from the top, right where the faces are).

So there's the digital karma gods getting angry with me, negatives aren't infallible either. (but yes, totally my fault, I'll only make that mistake once).
I'll pick up the Porta and Astia from Atkins today, hopefully there's something salvageable there...