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9405903699300102641979. That is the USPS tracking number for the Leica on it's way to Newt_on_Swings in NY. We're almost to the end!

I don't know if this suggestion has come up in the past but, for a future traveling camera, I was thinking about passing around a Nikon FM (or similar) body (no lens) where the participants use their own (or borrowed) Nikon mount lens for their shot(s). We would have to be real careful about who can be on the list, though. No newbies, I'm afraid...unless, a traveling camera veteran can vouch for a newbie applicant. The camera could also be a Canon, Minolta, Olympus or Pentax, too. That would be voted on. Just a thought. I have a fully working, slightly beat-up, FM I would be willing to sacrifice.

Did that on the Nikonians site. Had a "World Rotational Beatermat" camera, where people used a Nikkormat FTn with their lenses and film. First camera went MIA somewhere in transit. Second camera, which I purchased myself to replace the first one, was stolen by the first person to get it. At that point, I realized that it wasn't something that was going to work. This was prior to KEH doing their Nikkormat grab boxes on eBay, so it wasn't like I had a few cameras to push through as replacements.

It sounds like a good idea on paper, but I think we're better off sticking with the P&S cameras. If one disappears, it means that the film disappears, but, unlike an SLR body, the camera replacement won't cost much.