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No, the regular stuff. I normally tone the WT in highly dilute brown toner.

MGIV (not WT) will go too purple for my tastes after about 5 minutes in KRST 1+19. I've argued this before. I'm tempted to start toning a bunch of small test strips to send people who dont believe me. A couple of points though:

1. I seem to be VERY sensitive to changes in tone in B&W prints and see differences others don't or say they don't.

2. I develop in LPD 1+2 for 3 minutes, fix in film strength rapid fixer without hardner for one minute. This might have sonething to do with it.

But this is about MCC 110 which responds less than MGIV, or at least the batches I have do.
I agree with you as I see the sam changes.for me MGIV IS JUST ABOUT PERFECT FOR selenium and sulphide toning;slight changes without being over whelming.