as the title says my Leica M4 is very stiff when I rewind the film. It is not the rewind crank itself, as this turns smoothly when there is no film in the camera. I have tried removing the take up spool, which was very easy, and I've then cleaned it an given it a tiny bit of lubrication at the top where it connects to the inside of the camera. However this had no effect at all, and I have now located the problem to be inside of the top plate, because it's when the rod that the take up spool is attached to, is turned anti clockwise that there is quite a bit of friction. The wind release lever is working fine.

I know you will probably advice me to send it of to CLA but there are no one here in Denmark that does this. So I would very much appreciate any advice or if anyone can recommend a good Leica repair man in perhaps England or Germany.