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Did that on the Nikonians site. Had a "World Rotational Beatermat" camera, where people used a Nikkormat FTn with their lenses and film. First camera went MIA somewhere in transit. Second camera, which I purchased myself to replace the first one, was stolen by the first person to get it. At that point, I realized that it wasn't something that was going to work. This was prior to KEH doing their Nikkormat grab boxes on eBay, so it wasn't like I had a few cameras to push through as replacements.

It sounds like a good idea on paper, but I think we're better off sticking with the P&S cameras. If one disappears, it means that the film disappears, but, unlike an SLR body, the camera replacement won't cost much.

Well, perhaps you're right, John. I thought with our group there are enough trustworthy veterans to do this by invitation only, perhaps. With just 12 participants we could do 3 images each. Triptychs from around the world! On the other hand, the package would weigh about 1 lb. 12 oz. and cost almost $10 within the U.S. Shipping internationally might make idea prohibitive. Okay, never mind. : )