Alden 74 bulk film loader. $12 +6 ship

Bunch of old 4x5 film, roughly 95 sheets. Kodak Commercial film 6127 '74 still sealed, Kodak Royal Pan Film no date still sealed, Kodak infrared about 14 sheets '92, Kodak Super Panchro Press Type B, 2 boxes. One box has about 10-15 sheets. Other box is open, but film is still sealed. '52 & '56. I always wanted to shoot these films for fun, but I have never gotten around to it. Such is life. Goes without saying there are no guarantees with this film but should be fun to shoot. $30 +$8 shipping

Konica Infrared 120 Expired '94 7 rolls. I used to love this stuff then one day I just stopped shooting it. I bought this new from Helix back in the 90's. Been in the freezer until recently, but I can't guarantee it of course. Haven't shot it for many years. I know I could get a ton for it on ebay, but ebay is a drag. $50 plus $6 shipping

Book of Pyro, Gorden Hutchings. The classic. Some wear of course. $20 plus $3 shipping (media mail)

Canon Speedlite 550ex. Used but not abused. Actually it is in nice shape. Includes the case, stand and manual. These seem to sell for at least $125 on ebay, so let's call it $120 +$8 shipping. Check out the following battery pack too.