29 Oct 2013

I have received some very nice cards. My comments follow in no particular order (how the pile ordered its self).
"Being Followed" by Jim17x is a very nice perspective on the world. It is nice to see that it is not a policeman. Nicely composed and printed.
The card from Mark_S makes me want to go back to Niles and photograph. Good range of tones and really sharp. Well done.
It is hard to believe the subject of Peter Schrager's card is from Downtown Los Angeles. I would have thought Japan. Neat perspective on those playing the games.
The card "Be the Art" from mjs has a story. Having been involved in "paint fights" they can be very fun, and the resulting clothing is unique. This woman looks like she is having fun.
It is nice to see Sly back in the PCE. "Evening at the Cardboard House" must have a story behind the image. Lots of possibilities to imagine.
The card from piu58 of Steibs Hof is very nicely photographed. The matt paper fits the subject very well. I can almost feel the roughness of the stone.

Thanks to all for some really nice images.

My cards are on the drying racks, and hopefully will be mailed by weeks end.