Hi, John!

I want to correct a couple of minor technical points, just so no one gets confused as to what I'm doing/have done.

I'm not doing “laser prints,” these days; I'm doing inkjet prints. So, the two kind of prints I offer are dye transfer prints from my existing inventory (with no new ones being made) and inkjet prints on an ongoing basis.

Regarding matrix exposure, I didn't just increase the exposure time for one matrix when necessary, it was for all three. With long exposures, they all need to receive equal exposures or else reciprocity failure can cause color crossover (true for both Pan and Ortho Matrix Film).

Regarding the discontinuance of dye transfer supplies, it wasn't all the supplies that I was buying the majority of towards the end, it was only Pan Matrix Film, which was discontinued several years before the rest of the dye transfer supplies.

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