Dear Drew,

I think we may be into a bit of semantic confusion. It depends on what you call “excessive.” With Kodak materials, I don't find any difference in print sharpness between the minimum time it takes the die to fully transfer from the matrix to the paper and twice that time. None whatsoever. So it really is insensitive to transfer times once it goes to completion. The process is very sensitive to the pH of the dye baths, but not so much in the transfer stage. Conversely, temperature seems to have no effect in the dye bath stage, but colder easels make it harder to transfer the die to the print. Again, though, temperature tolerances are pretty wide; at least 10 or 20. Compared to other darkroom processes, this is ridiculously forgiving.

By the way, I actually found someone within driving distance who wanted to buy my enlarging equipment! I'm amazed. That gets rid of most of the heavy, pain-to-ship stuff. Still got lots of small stuff to dispose of , not to mention quite a few boxes of Pan Matrix Film and jugs of Kodak dye… But gradually the darkroom is disappearing. Yay!

pax \ Ctein
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