I love my 35mm rangefinders. Medium format rangefinders are a different animal, however, especially once you get beyond the 6x6cm size. Perhaps it is because they lack any automation that you can get in the 35mm cameras (meter, auto-exposure, etc), combined with the parallax issues, I didn't really cotton on to the 6x9 rangefinder I had use of. I do love my Rolleiflexes, however. I would dispute what someone said earlier about needing a tripod for the Rolleiflex - they are pre-eminently hand-holdable, and I regularly can pull off 1/4 second or 1/8th second exposures hand-held. I've even gotten away with some 1 second exposures hand-held if I exhale and then hold my breath and exert proper tension on the neck strap. If the price tag for a new Rollei FX-N is a bit galling, consider a late model F or a GX, which will be at most 1/2 the price of the FX-N. I have a pair of E models that cost me about $500 USD each to buy, and even with professional overhauls were less than $1K each (the first one got a complete overhaul for $350, the second one is going in soon to have the film transport adjusted, which should be cheaper than a full CLA). That said, there are some advantages to the FX-N that might weigh in its favor (closer minimum focus, new in box with warranty). You'll have to decide that for yourself.