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Here's some good info on old Ilford products that might be interesting if not useful:


There is a reference in the text of the link to Ilford Hyfin Developer. It was sold as a one shot high accutance developer similar to Agfa Rodinal. The developer came as a powder in two wallets each enough for 500cc of working solution so out of one pack you could process 4 films. I used it around 1963/4 and If anything I found it to be better, much better than Rodinal but the developing time of 18 mins for Pan F and FP3 were 18 mins @ 68F. Just a bit too long for me at the time.

3 or 4 years ago I wrote to Ilford to ask if they would release the formula so I could make up my own and they refused point blank. No explanation given. I would dearly love to try it once more