new member here. just sayin hi!
have loved photography my whole life. recently i got in to devloping film myself and scanning it. not the greaest of equipement, but works for me.
as for cameras, right now i got a minolta XG-m that i love, and a ww2 robot luftwaffe camera that i bought as an investment, and i can seem to bring my self to sell it!
i find myself draw to street photography, and found out that i love the vintage stuff, before electronics.

i find my self wanting a zorki 1 camera, with the collapsable lens, but dont like the f3.5. the robot on the other hand, is auto and has an f2...... arrg.
im probly going to sell the robot lufewaffe and get another camera, but not sure witch one.....sigh.

anyway, just saying hi!