I own four Rollei cameras, plus one on the way, two Blad bodies + lenses, one Blad SWC, two Pentax 67 bodies and eight lenses, one Yashica 124G, and a couple of Konj-Omega Rapids and lenses. I've used them all, but the most used are the Blads and the SWC. The one that gets the most use is a old 500C that was my first real camera. A 500C/500CM is not much different in size to carry around than a Rollei. It's a little noisier, but the image quality is just as good, at least with my equipment. I like Rolleis for the images they render, but the twin lens camera I like the most as a "fun & ease of use" camera is that blasted Yashica 124G. Plus, it too takes very nice pictures. Now, the big question is this - "If I were to choose only one camera" the answer to that would have to be my old trusty Blad 500C. Everything else is really good, but for my type of shooting the Blad is just about perfect. Different strokes for different folks of course. JohnW