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I'm not interested in the name. I'm interested in the font characteristics. They don't usually go out of their way to obscure this.
Of course, AGFA film packing machinery was sold by AFGA to Harmon/Ilford and after AGFA photo closed down Maco got one set, and their was possibly another one in the wild. Both original Agfa film and Ilford film use similar typography. In fact I believe the PREVIOUS generation of both also had matching typefaces as Agfa supplied Ilfords PREVIOUS packing line.

Not to say that someone doing private label today may follow the lead of others and have every step done by various contractors. I am sure if you called up Simon Galley and said you had a master roll of film that you wanted packaged, and could come to terms on the cost and so forth. he might be able to arrange to fit it into the schedule. The Edge printing, spools and end caps of the finished product would look quite similar to Ilford's own products, but of course the deal would have to guarantee that it was clear the product was not from Moberly. Maco no doubt would be even more willing to make such a deal. And I suspect that in China there are folks who would even be happy to build machinery to produce you order. (just look at the Lomography 110 film for example)