have accumulated a small batch of enthusiastic 30 rounders... to start...

mark_s "steam engine", a cyanotype, very gutsy for 1st time participant! i like it , and it arrived relatively unscathed in the post!
jim17x "being followed", very ominous, (an i being paranoid?), especially w the look-a-like police car in front - sign of the times?!
sly "evening at the cardboard house" - whimsical, lyrical, greating seeing as HIE, and well-done!
squiggle? "pitcher window" - can feel the delicate pitcher, light and beatiful - functional... well photographed and printed.
peter schrager "game arcade" - with the silk finish, gotta look onto it and wander around!
mjs "be the art" - yup, fun, captured well... nothing like being a kid again! the joy and abandon shows!
ozphoto "stonehenge" - drama! and that bird(?) makes the shot! how'd you get it there?
rudiger "baltic sea" - now that's a superb image, great use of pinhole cam, great seeing, wonderful composition... wow
piu58 "steib's hof" - nothing like it in florida! i want to move right in! time for a trip back to germany!
craig cross "sunset in mau" not approved by the tourist bureau i can feel the wind! nice print!

thanks to each of you for the enjoyable and thought-provoking images. i appreciate your hard work.