As others have said, you are unlikely to be anything but thrilled with either camera. I haven't use any Rolleiflex cameras but have an old Yashica that I enjoy. I've owned the GF670 for over a year now and have nothing but good things to say about it. Having said that, both cameras would take getting used to. Care around the bellows is needed with the Fuji but once you are used to it there is little to worry about. The TLR would require getting used to the reversed image. An earlier post mentioned issues like automation and parallax but neither are an issue with the GF670. Head to head the Rollei would probably win the build quality test but in its own right the GF670 is very well built and I love the simple, two dial layout. Unlike other users who commented here, I focus with my left index finger and find it easy to hold steady with the remaining fingers of my left hand coupled with the left hand. One unique thing about the Fuji is that the shutter is so ridiculously quiet that you won't even hear it in a noisy environment. You just have to trust your finger. It is so compact that in a pinch you can even shoot one handed in a pinch with reasonable shutter speeds. At 90cm, the mfd is fine for portraits, but it obviously isn't a macro camera. The only problem I've had with it was occasional misfires and poor battery life in cold weather. But then I figured out that it was insufficient tension in the spring on the cap for the battery compartment. So I just stretched it out a bit by hand in have had no problems since. Last week I shot 7 rolls of velvia in Colorado and can't wait to get the results!