As I noted in another thread,, I purchased a 500CM and 80 F2.8 CF T* lens from KEH. It is scheduled to arrive Friday. As I intend to primarily shoot black and white film, I need to get myself set-up with some contrast filters and a lens shade. As a newbie to Hasselblad, I need some help deciding what filter/shade set-up to purchase. It is my understanding that my 80 CF lens takes the B60 series filter mount. As I see it, my options are as follows:

1. Get a few B/W contrast filters that use the B60 mount. B&H show some expensive Heliopan that would work; however, I could only use them on that lens or another Hasselblad lens that uses the B60 mount.

2. Get a step-up ring that goes from B60 to 67mm or 72mm or 77mm threads. Theoretically, this would allow me to use 67mm, 72mm, or 77mm contrast filters on other lenses - assuming I have lenses that can use those filter sizes.

3. Get Lee filter holder/system and use the appropriate Lee filters.

Maybe there are other options I'm missing, but this seems to cover the most popular I could find.

I also have a question regarding the use of the standard Hasselblad rectangular lens shade or bellows-style lens shade with any of these filter arrangements. I think the standard Hasselblad lens shade would work with option #1 and I believe Lee offers a bellows-style shade that will work with their filter system. Hasselblad also offered (and I can get used) a bellows-style lens shade. I'm not sure how or if the Hasselblad bellows-style lens shade will work with options #1 or #2?

Any comments, suggestions or help is sincerely appreciated.