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The damping grease on the focusing helicoid seems a bit thin for my tastes. I would prefer a bit more resistance and a bit more holding power. Meaning, if I point the camera up and focus, the lens will creep down slightly with gravity if I don't hold my thumb on the focusing ring. This can be a problem with some pre-focus situations where you must wait a bit before the composition materializes.

That's exactly what happened immediately prior to making this photo. My first couple of attempts with this subject were out of focus until I realized what was happening and corrected it. I've considered sending the camera back to Fuji USA to be re-greased, but have not yet decided if it's a big enough issue for me to go to that much trouble and presumably expense.

We'll see...

I did have Fuji USA adjust mine while they were doing some other work and the focus is now perfectly damped. It moves nicely but with enough resistance that I am no longer worried that it will move on its own.