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If you are used to using Pentax 67s a Blad is only a "little" noisier than a Rollei.
Most definitely! Another thing I should have mentioned is that at age 63 I suffer from severe hearing loss/nerve deafness do to a war back in the late 1960's and just plain getting old. With that I seem to think the Blad is not to terrible bad in the noise department. As for the vibration? If I have enough light to hand hold I then "usually" have a high enough shutter speed to help compensate. If light fails and mirror/shutter induced vibration are going to cause a problem it would be tripod time anyway. Of course you always use a tripod and mirror-up if you want all the Blad can give. One off my Blads is a 500ELM with prism and grip that seems to be a little better setup for hand-holding, but likes been said, it is slightly heavier than either the 500c with waist level or a Rollei with even its prism. I know there are diehard Rollei fans just like there are diehard Hasselblad fans. I'm both, but if I had to live with just one outfit it would be the Hasselblad for sure. Oh, and another plus is the fact that one can usually buy a very nice 500ELM with lens, waist level and back for LESS than you can get a good Rollei E series camera and far, far less than one can get a good Rollei F series for. I have both and know which one I want to be buried with for those Heavenly sky shots in the hereafter. We all have our own opinions and that's just mine. JohnW