Apparently there is no last word. Or the last word keeps changing depending on who has it. That said there has to be some reason all the famous Rollei guys eventually switched to Hasselblad... Iriving Penn, Richard Avedon, David Bailey, Helmut Newton etc. Of course they were probably all sent Hasselblad kits for free for promotional reasons.

For myself the temporary last word was Rolleiflex after several years using Hasselblad as an employee in a commercial studio. The H camera always annoyed me due to the modular parts and the need to remember things about it that I have now forgotten. I always found the Rolleiflex to be beautiful to look at and I only need the one lens for what I do with it.

That said the last word has temporarily changed for me to Pentax 67 because I have gotten sick to death of square pictures and I can't bring myself to crop to 645.

You have to find your own last word and don't expect it to stay last forever.