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HC-110 will become my fav developer sooenr or later, i used it twice and got great results, and i think after very long time [2 or 3 years maybe] i will go back to processing, i have 2 films i think waiting since long time for processing, will use HC-110 Dil H, will see what i can get.

I recommend you to use one of the following films if you go with HC-110: Acros 100, TMAX 400, TMAX 100, Tri-X 400 and FP4+
I've used HC110 with all of those, it's been good with each and every one. Instead of messing around with the sub-dilutions and HC110 stock solution, check out JBrunner's idea here. I have basically used 8 minutes for everything I've shot and it's been great. This roll as mentioned in the OP was the first time I deviated.