I've got a well-used but very functional war-time anniversary (or maybe Pre-Anny???) Speed here that hasn't seen much use beyond some instant film. I don't have the infrastructure to support regular use of it, nor the print needs to require such negative real estate. After shooting my Pentax 67 more and more, I'm much happier with that workflow at this point in time for something bigger than 35mm.

Has new curtains in the older style body shutter with a lot of shutter speeds available. I installed a Pacemaker front standard for the tilt functionality (no hacking required), Graflex style back (not Graflok, not a spring back), so you need slotted film holders. The top handle bolts are sometimes a bit wobbly, but workable. With the Pacemaker standard installed, the door no longer latches! There would have to be some non-reversible modifications in order to make that work, so I've refrained and just designated a large spot in a backpack for the camera when out in the field. Bellows are light tight and extend smoothly (they are not original and in very very good shape).

I've shot with the Ektar shutter (works fine) as well as with the body shutter. Both work fine, were CLA'ed by a Los Angeles area tech before I got it. Glass is clean on all lenses with no issues. Bausch & Lomb shows some cosmetic brassing to the barrel and aperture ring, but the aperture ring works smoothly. Item is located in 92116 San Diego, CA and can be shipped to US/Canada locations at this time. Worldwide is possible but we'd have to work a deal to cover the shipping.

Kit includes:

Black war-time Anniversary model 4x5 Speed Graphic with everything functioning: Kalart RF, top-mounted viewfinder with mask to match 127mm, body shutter, focus bed, etc. Ground glass is original from what I can tell and has 6x9 markings on it, with original, rather lame single-flap focus hood.
Ektar 127/4.7 in No.2 Supermatic shutter with bi-post synchro, clean glass
B&L Series 1c 5x7 210/4.5 in barrel, mounted
Kodak Anastigmat 203/7.7 in barrel from copy camera (precursor to Ektar 203), unmounted
Tominon 105/4.5 in shutter, unmounted

5x slotted Graflex RB style double-sided film holders
Custom built Polaroid/Fuji instant film back (built from pack film adapter + CB103 back)
Film pack adapter to do more adaptation (slotted edge style)
Original black metalwork front standard w/wire finder
Some flash attachments, Heiland and some sync cords plus a pack of flashbulbs.

Combi-plan 4x5 daylight tank (missing top clip on holder + rubber funnel)
Majestic tripod + head (missing lower legs, could use TLC)

4x5 Film included:

Portra 160VC x 30 (3x10) sealed, exp '04
Portra 160NC x 10 sealed, exp '10
Kodak 6121 ektachrome dupe film x 50 sealed, exp '02
Ilford Delta 100 x 25 (bought locally, been in my fridge, used 4 sheets), exp '12
Arista.edu x 25 (got from friend to start out, used 8 sheets plus whatever he used, maybe 10 left?)
Arista Ortho Litho 2.0 x 100 (fits 4x5 sheet holders) (bought new at Freestyle in '12)
Fuji 160NPS daylight (2x10) sealed, exp '03

Ektachrome daylight x 10, unsealed, exp sometime in 70s from label
Kodak 4164 Tri-X x 25 sealed, exp '71
Kodak 4125 copy film x 100 unsealed, supposedly university lab stored from new, minus 5 sheets, exp '76

I would like to trade the above for M3 DS, X-Pro 1, XE-1 + 35/1.4. Photos to come.