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Where are you? I have a D5XL with a dicro II head, a turret, and all the neg carriers (eleven of them) and lens mounts one would ever need and I cannot hardly give the thing away in a metro area of six million people.

Seriously, I am not saying you need to buy mine, but in ten years, I could have found you 15-20 for anywhere from $50 to free. And, yes, some people want $500 for them, but they don't sell. You are going to go to a lot of trouble, and just as much expense to try and repair the thing as just getting another chassis - if not a whole enlarger. Just my opinion ...
Gotta agree with David here. There was a guy in greenville who had four of these he had pulled out of a lab, put them on craigslist and couldn't get rid of them. They even had Ilford 500 MG heads. I thought about driving to greenville just to grab the heads. I think he finally junked them. I probably see at least one if these every two months popping up locally. I cant believe you cant find one. Its so sad that no one wants this stuff anymore.