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Well, 20+ years ago, I made my own by using those cheap metal workbench legs and adapting a plywood back to hold them together, and some 2x4 bolted to the top (of the legs) for the Beseler 4x5 to sit on, worked perfect. I then could remove the base, and put it on a lower shelf for increasing the enlargement size.

After moving, I re-purposed the workbench legs while my darkroom is stored. Since then, I got the Beseler legs from a eBay sale for next to nothing. Yes, seem pretty nice but I would never pay much for another set. I think the new price is insane, but to each their own.

So, if you cannot get a used set for cheap, then, build your own, just as good for not a lot of money. TMO
Part of me agrees with you, particularly when I look at the price. Since I am already building a table for my Elwood I guess I was kind of thinking I could skip building another.