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I would not call it a house brand. Normally a house brand is a given product branded for other companies with their brand.
Variotone is a unique product produced only for us.
We also finish it which is a major part in the production.
However the company making the emulsion and coating it has raised prices to an extend that we had two choices:

1) Make it the by far most expensive paper in the world
2) Limit the amount of money a retailer can make on the paper to a number which is comparable to what he can make on other brands but less than what ADOX usually offers.

Some dealers understood others decided not to carry the paper under these circumstances.

Itīs a very low profit world we are living in if it comes to analog photography...

Sure, I know very well it's a unique paper, it's just that Moersch site states Hausmarke.

Keep the good work going!