RPC: This is interesting: you are saying that 'table salt' (sodium chloride) is a restrainer for color chemicals? I thought that the starter's restraining action was due solely to the bromide in it (just like benzotriazole is also a restrainer). Can you or someone else elaborate?

Yes, you are correct RPC, in that you really can get clean whites going directly from developer to BLIX. However, do not attempt to do directly from developer to BLEACH (ie, without the fixer). You WILL get serious fog.

I do not know what is the problem within Edward's dilemma but I assume that in his processor there is a contamination. This is SO easy to do in color work; so easy that I use 'one shot' for everything and use trays only. Decades ago when I used to use a motor drum I often had cyan fog throughout the print. I wish I could test your color developer and paper. - David Lyga