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That is a very sharp picture. Just shows that worrying a little about the detail can really bring a huge difference. I was reading a how to a guy posted on a photo blog on making a pinhole cap for a d!g!t@1 camera. He explined pinhole cameras as "a camera that uses a small hole instead of a lens to make a blurry picture for artsy purposes". The sampes he showed were blurry, but not artsy...
Yes, I've noticed in going through the Worldwide Pinhole Day stuff that the digi-pinhole stuff tended to be pretty fuzzy. In general it seems the larger the format, the more apparent sharpness, so 35mm is getting pretty small, and a "crop frame" sensor would be going even further in the wrong direction. But being a compulsive tinkerer, I have picked up a spare EOS body cap and do have plans to try something with my 40D One of These Days(tm), mostly to try to get an idea of how much is real limitation and how much is craftsmanship problems. But I plan to try more "serious" work with the 8x10!

I've posted this one before somewhere here, but this shot is from a 4x5 with possibly the best pinhole plate I've made to date -- in 0.001" brass shimstock. For no lens, it's pretty durn good.