I'm definitely one of those who often tries to avoid time stamping in my photos. It took me awhile to figure out, but I think I know why in many cases. I often take a specific picture because I see something in a scene that strikes a nostalgic note within me. In a sense, I am not so much taking a picture of the scene as it is, but as it was. (or may have been) To be sure, I would say that this is not an exclusive consideration which defines me as a photographer, but it does have an impact on how I may compose, shoot and print a scene, particularly when I am visiting a city which may be several hundred years old.

I may shoot a scene with the intention of juxtaposing the old with the new, perhaps some crumbling plaster or intricate vintage roof-line, shot against a shiny new skyscraper in the background. Juxtaposition is fodder for a great many wonderful photographs, but for me the stronger emotional impact might be to compose the shot so that the new does not intrude on the historic impact in the scene.