I was going through old negatives recently and found these that I didn't know I had. It was in a rent house I lived in when first out of college (mid 1970s), and the owner/landlord was an amateur photographer. He had built this room on the back of his laundry room, but it was a dry darkroom. However, the common wall it shared with the laundry was the wall with the plumbing, so (with the landlord's permission) it wasn't too hard to have a brother-in-law come over and put a sink in the darkroom. Hot and cold running water - what more can you ask? The owner had also painted the whole thing flat black: walls, floor, ceiling! I left the area behind the enlargers black, but painted the walls and the ceiling on the wet side white. Took several coats as I recall. I also put in an AC unit and had a little heater. There was no insulation!

That's a Lucky enlarger (they're really not bad) and a Chromega B that I bought to "get into" color. I was doing prints from color negs and slides in Chromega drums, but color just never took, ya know?

It was 4x6 feet and I thought I had died and gone to darkroom heaven! (My current darkroom is 12x18)