I certainly know my share of very skilled inkjet printers, and I'll bet they put just as many hours tuning up an image as they did back in their
darkroom days. It's damn near impossible for any commercial lab to be viable as a business and put that kind of labor into something at the
same time. Home cooking has to be a labor of love, and perhaps only a few hired gun printers are around who will take that kind of commitment on a dedicated assignment for someone else's actual shots. Ctein is one of them. But anything under Eggleston's name was probably done on an assembly-line basis, with different tasks in the whole complex workflow assigned to different people. The quality of the prints could also vary to how far along the edition was and the condition of the matrices. My remark about not liking his work big is of course a personal aesthetic, but I've never like his work big, even when he briefly shot med format and still had it done dye transfer. The shoe just
didn't fit his style.